Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Party Lesson

Even though the rain has finally stopped, we didn't get sunshine until Friday and it was a lovely day. The WOR arena was pretty muddy in several places but the girls and I rode a bit in the afternoon. Alaina rode Diez around bareback and Ivy wanted to work Splash so I rode Sunny in der German Neck Stretcher. It was fun to ride a horse who really does leg yeilds when asked and Sunny was so good that Alaina decided to ride him too. Ivy did a good job with Splash but it was to muddy everywhere to do any canter work - so we took a mini-trail ride around the front side of the property.

On Sat., Patty, Rita and Denise were all down in Guthrie for the recognized show so there was no party lesson in Inola. Ivy wanted to work Sister so we did a little round pen work and then some showmanship while Alaina rode Diez a little bareback. It was colder than Friday so we went inside for hot chololate. Then in the late afternoon, we got Splash, Sunny, and Pico out for a little work. Alaina rode Sunny in the American Neck Stretcher (i.e., a training fork) while I used the GNS on Splash. With mud still pretty deep in several places, Ivy worked on some canter departs while Alaina did some trail (gate and box) practice. I got a couple of very short canters out of Splash - all correct to the left and the 3rd and 4th correct to the right. Progress - sort of since a year ago there would have been NO canter in such tight quarters and 6 months ago, they would all have been on the wrong lead.

Sunday morning Ivy wanted to work Sister again so we did a little lounging in the round pen with saddle and bridle followed by more showmanship out in the arena. Alaina walked around on Diez and the neighbor horses supervised. Then Christina H and I went up to Foyil to test an appendix Qrt Horse as a possible mount for Christina at next years' schooling shows. Rocket's owner is in her second year at Arkansas and Rocket is not getting used - he has lots of experience - 4-H, pony club, jumping and dressage in his background. Christina walked and trotted him after Sara warmed him up with walk/trot/canter. He is a good mover, a people horse with a lovely, calm disposition. I hope the match works out because Christina could have lots of fun on a horse like him.

Then, back to the wild O ranch and the girls and I rode Sunny, Pico, and Splash in the arena. Still muddy in both ends, but slowly drying out. The horses were pretty good and the girls finished with a mini trailride in halters with Sunny and Splash. Pico showed great bravery passing the new graveyard the mysteriouly appeared. What a good boy. Just a warm up for the halloween events coming in the next couple of weeks. yaya!

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